Weight Loss Secrets

Sensa ReviewsWe all know about counting calories, upping exercise, and choosing healthier foods, but what about the unique weight loss secrets that no one ever talks about? If you're looking to lose weight faster and more efficiently, keep these diet tips in mind!

Get More Sleep
Sleep is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to stay healthy, lose weight, and feel happier. Getting enough sleep boosts learning and memory function, mood, cardiovascular health, immune function, and metabolism.

Sleep and weight loss are connected in multiple ways; chronic sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain through altering the way the body handles carbohydrates. It can also affect the hormones which help control appetite. So, if you're trying to lose weight, head to bed an hour earlier, and make sure to catch up on sleep if you indulge in a late night or two.

Find a Hobby
Keeping yourself busy will help you lose weight in a few different ways. First and foremost, finding a new hobby or project will simply keep your hands busy, obliterating the "idle hands" desire to snack as you watch TV.

Secondly, knowing you have work to do will lift your spirits, especially if it's something you find enjoyable. Experts have estimated that nearly 75% of overeating happens because a person is feeling down in the dumps. Even if your mood is elevated by something fleeting, like a comedy movie or shopping trip, your happiness will help you kick excessive eating.

Finally, a hobby can be something physical, which will help you burn calories while you're avoiding them! Gardening, dancing, or organizing the garage will raise your heart rate and lift your spirits, resulting in a combination that can't be beat.

Take it Slow
According to health psychologist Patrician Esperson, dropping weight in stages can make weight loss easier, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. This weight loss secret is also particularly useful for those who often experience the yo-yo effect of losing and regaining weight.

To lose weight in stages, calculate 10% of your beginning body weight, and make that your first goal. When you reach your weight loss goal, enjoy the success for anywhere from one to three months. Then, simply recalculate 10% using your new weight, and repeat the process until your ultimate goal is reached. This plan will not only make you feel more successful, it will also allow you to learn how to maintain your weight at each and every stage.

Get Help
Now, I don't mean professional help! No need to run to a weight loss clinic, hire a professional trainer, or live on frozen diet meals. Getting help can be anything from buying a food scale to using a weight-loss system like Sensa. And yes - Sensa reviews can run the gamut, but weight loss tools are like any other tools - useful, helpful, and a simple way to reach your goal faster.

Reward Yourself
While it's true that becoming healthier and feeling better about yourself is a reward in and of itself, celebrating with something you find fabulous is the perfect way to stay motivated. Set markers along your weight loss journey, and treat yourself when you reach these mini-goals. At ten pounds, indulge in a fancy dinner. At 25 pounds, splurge on a great pair of jeans -- especially if they're a size smaller than your old ones! Even if your rewards are small, having something immediate to look forward to will keep your head in the game.

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